Puppy Hip and Health Guarantee Information

All our puppies are sold with a hip and health guarantee!

Hip and elbow dysplasia are covered for 3 years from date of purchase!

 What is Hip Dysplasia?
 Hip/Elbow dysplasia simply means an abnormal development of the hip/elbow joints resulting in degenerative changes.  These dysplastic changes are painful and often crippling.  Treatments are available but extremely expensive.  A responsible breeder only brings pups into the world to improve the breed.  Any continuation of diseased lines is a travesty resulting in pain and heartbreak for offspring and future owners alike.

What is OFA?  OFA stands for the Orthapedic Foundation for Animals. 

Who started it?  John M. Olin was a well-known industrialist, philanthropist and sportsman. Olin recognized that hip dysplasia was a common and debilitating orthopedic disease in dogs, and in the fall of 1964 gathered a group of individuals to discuss means of limiting hip dysplasia. This initial meeting, which included representatives of the Golden Retriever Club of America, German Shepherd Dog Club of American, and the veterinary community led to the organization of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

Why was it started?  The OFA was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation by the state of Illinois on July 7, 1966. The original purpose of the organization was providing radiographic evaluation, database maintenance, and breeding advice to reduce the incidence of canine hip dysplasia.

Why should I test my dog for genetic disease? Veterinarians and responsible breeders of purebred dogs are well aware that hip dysplasia and other inherited diseases can be controlled by careful, selective breeding programs. DNA tests for specific diseases remain the "gold standard" in determining an animal's genotype, but in the absence of available DNA tests, phenotypic evaluations are the best alternative. Information regarding the test results from the sire and dam, along with information on other close relatives such as siblings, half-siblings, aunts and uncles allows breeders to apply greater selective pressure to produce normal offspring and avoid affected offspring.

A responsible puppy buyer only purchases dogs from those breeders that check the hips/elbows of the parents and provides guarantees for hips &  elbows on the puppies.  Pet Store pups are not recommended.

 I believe that credibility and honesty are extremely important in a breeder. Searching for just the right puppy from a breeder you can trust can be a tough job. You alone can decide which puppy is best for you. Take your time in deciding which breeder to buy from and which puppy is your match. It is a ten plus year commitment and should be taken seriously and with much thought.

Regardless of whether Des Holzes German Shepherds is where you purchase your new puppy,   please buy from a responsible breeder with a selective breeding program.