Selecting The Perfect K9 Puppy

Aggressive and Self Confident
The ideal choice is an aggressive, self confident pup who shows leadership over the others, and who will readily approach you as a stranger without any hesitation or fear. Ideally we are searching for the Alpha male of the litter, or the next closest prospect depending on temperament.

Handles Stress
Once you have chosen one or two prospective pups, one at a time they should be removed from the litter to a place totally away from the mother and other siblings. Preferably to a place totally unfamiliar to the pup. This places stress on the puppy, as will other tests and will test his ability to adjust to his new situations. He should react positively to his new surroundings by investigating where he is at and becoming accustomed to his new surroundings. He should also respond to you in a friendly, confident manner without becoming fearful or anxious. 

Rough Player
If the pup has a favorite toy, play with him for a while, and throw the toy a short distance to see if he will retrieve it for you. It is not necessary that he return the toy, only that he shows an awareness to it, that he is playful, and is not afraid to carry something in his mouth. Now that the puppy is showing some confidence, play with him and rough house with him a bit. Ascertain if he is willing to take a bit of guff without shying or running scared. There is no need to be very rough, just wrestle and tease him enough to get him worked up. If he responds by barking or playing right back, that is an excellent response. Take a rag and try to play tug of war with him. Tease him. Again an excellent response is if he will join in the game.

Sudden Noises
The next test is very simple and enables the handler to test the pup to his reactions to sudden, new and unsettling noises. Take any two metal objects which you can clatter together such as a pair of hubcaps and bang them together in front of the pup. If he shies away suddenly and shows some hesitation, this is alright, as long as he recovers and does not continue to show fear. The noise need not be excessive, only enough for the pup to notice it. Even though the candidate puppy may shy away in some circumstances, this is not a bad fault. The idea is to test the pups recovery time, to see that he is able to adapt to new sounds, surroundings, and in particularly that he reacts joyfully and confidently towards you as a stranger.

When you have chosen your candidate pup you have made a decision which will alter your daily way of life for years to come. You will have initiated a friendship between you and your new partner which is closer and stronger than any other between man and the animal kingdom. You will find that your new puppy will be dedicated and will worship you simply for the smallest amount of love and praise which you may offer in return. This type of blind dedication is but a small indication of how strong these animals feel about us. These upcoming years of service with your new K9 will be something you will never forget, congratulations!  

K9 Referral:  Richelle Spencer (Barry County Sherriff Dept.)        Phone: (269)948-4801