Otis (Homeless) $450 Rehoming fee
Pedigree  and  Fathers Pedigree 

Otis is a beautiful long hair 6 year old male German Shepherd. He has an awesome Pedigree! His mother is a black and red show line Gsd that was imported from Serbia and his father is a dark sable working line Gsd. Both parents are registered in their perspective countries so he cannot be registered through AKC.  But his pedigree is awesome and has tons of champions! His father is on the premisis.

Otis is a very good protection dog. If you are worried about your family while your away working or traveling, worry no more! He will alert you when people pull in your driveway and will intimidate anyone coming on the property and keep them away.  With the times the way they are you can’t be too safe!

Otis is house trained and does not chew on anything he is not supposed to! He has been in a family with children from newborn and up. He is used to living on a farm and likes to have room to run. A fenced backyard would be perfect and he has training for underground fencing also. HE LOVES TO PLAY BALL! He will chase a ball until the cows come home! He loves water too- sprinklers in particular... and has been known to break a few while playing! LOL He does well with larger female dogs upon proper introduction and even gets along with chickens! (If you have another male dog it is possible they can get along as long as he can be alpha and introducing them would take time. We are not sure about small dogs and he has chased a few cats.)

Otis needs an owner that understands the German Shepherd breed. Because of his protective nature it takes a few days for him to adjust to new people. He had an insident at his last home. Call for details.

He is VERY loving to his family and just wants to be with you and loved on and play ball with you in the backyard.
He is an amazing family protection dog and is just needing someone to give him a chance! Needs neutered! Will refund $200 when confirmation of neutering is received.

If you have questions about Otis you can reach me at 517-605-3893.