Vador is from the East German (DDR) bloodlines.  The DDR lines are known as working class dogs. They have very high working drives and would make very good police dogs, protection dogs or search and rescue dogs.  

Vador's pedigree is full of Schutzhund I- III's, which is the highest level of Schutzhund training. His father is Boy Von Zorra, an exceptionally talented gsd in protection work with flawless gripping, super barking and powerful striking. Vador is a strong, fast and athletic german shepherd. He has great character and is naturally protective of his home. Vador's impressive pedigree includes V23 ( USA SS 2008) Boy von Zorra SchH2, V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese (BSP & V-LGA) SCHH3, V Inga vom Haus van Hipp SCHH3 and many more greats!

STUD FEE $500 to approved females.
Any pups from these lines will make excellent protection dogs and wonderful family companions. Call for more information.
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Very Impressive!

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